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About Us

Main Medical is dedicated to the special needs of laryngectomees and the healthcare community serving them. Our goal is to provide superior voice restoration and ENT products to patients in Australia. As such, we have searched the world to find, what we believe to be, the best products on the market and introduce them to Australia. As a supplier of advanced voice restoration systems, our goal is to help laryngectomees regain and preserve a vital part of their lives – speech. 

In 2016 Main Medical proudly became the exclusive distributor of the Passy-Muir® range of products in Australia. Consistent with Passy-Muir's mission, we believe communication is the essence of the human spirit. This being our aim, we are thrilled to be able to also offer tracheostomized and ventilated patients a step towards independence and dignity through speech by bringing you the Passy-Muir range of speaking valves. 

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